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About Astrologer

Sri N Sasidharan is a famous astrologer and Vastu consultant in Mavelikara, retired headmaster from the Kerela State Education Department. He is a guest lecturer for different civil engineering institutes. He has successfully advised and imparted solutions for family and financial disturbances, business issues and health problems of thousands of people world-wide on the basis of horoscope and Vastu.

Jothisha Vachyaspati Sri. N Sasidaharan

Shell (Cowry) Astrology

Kerala astrology has been considered to be the oldest, consistent and most accurate form of astrology in the world. It is nothing but cosmic science of real astronomy. The Kerala astrology methodology uses ‘cowries’ or sea shells, and is greatly valued worldwide for its predictive accuracy. The state is well known for its resourcefulness on information about subjects like astronomy, astrology, horoscope and vastu shastra.

Kerala astrology uses the principles of ‘Ashtamangala Prasnam’ as an integral part to make astronomical predictions. It is used to find solution and the root causes of different problems faced by the mankind like family problems, stress, infertility, business failures and other unsolved issues. Ashtamangala Prasnam is also followed for new construction and other auspicious activities like constructing temples. It also reveals the effect, both good and bad, of our past, present and future actions and also provides remedies to remove the malicious acts. Generally the Ashtamangala Prasnam is performed by two astrologers. However it can be increased depending on the gravity of the problem discussed.